Sunday, April 19, 2009

Go Bruins!

Picked a bad time to drop to basic cable. I was talking to time warner on the phone last week. I wanted to lower my cable bill, and the guy pissed me off so bad, I said fine, give me the lowest plan you have! Ten dollars gets you 17 channels. Basically it's four major channels, then crap. So now the Bruins are kicking Montreal ass, and I can't see it. I'm depressed, and all the family is laughing, but I'm sticking to my guns. We were paying over $110 for what? We should actually be getting more things done around here now, as we're not locked into the beam. Oh, and they said I would have to cough up more for internet, because I picked the lower cable plan. WTF! They could not even explain that one. So I dropped down to a slower internet plan too. By the way, the CEO got a 22 million dollar bonus this year. I don't really care that the guy made some bucks, but he isn't going to get it from me. How many channels do you actually watch for the money you pay? Sailing can't start soon enough. I'm all stressed out. It's been great working for the damn auto industry. Doctor said stomach acid is to blame for my sore throat. Took a prescription yesterday, and got maybe 2 hrs sleep last night. Felt like I had a pot of coffee in my stomach. Throat felt good though.

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