Monday, April 20, 2009

So tired

All I want to do is sleep. Got a whole four hours last night. Maybe two the night before. Tonight I'll lay there worried a tree will pierce me, as the winds are gusting to forty. Our house is surrounded by old growth trees, just waiting to impale me before I get a chance to cruise into retirement. See how I get with no sleep. Had dinner with number one, and her boyfriend and parents yesterday. I was very nice. Now I know why he is a good kid. We'll miss them both as they head west for a new start. Wish the economy was better here, so they can least until we leave. I hate being the last one out. Well, maybe the gods will have pity on me tonight and I'll finally get some rest. I have to stop my mind from racing around with all that is happening, as I can't do much about it anyway. Sweet dreams.

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