Saturday, April 25, 2009

She shiny Mon, one side

Well, kind of a productive day. Got one half of the boat waxed. Not sure if tomorrow will bring rain, if not, then wax on, wax off. The sounds of the boatyard were very therapeutic. The buzz of conversation. People saying "hellooo!" The whine of the polishers, the rumble of the engines firing up, the travel lift moving boats to the water, the smell of carnuba wax, the klink of empty beer bottles, the laughter. It was a stress reliever. Good to be back. Deb was putting the wax on, and I was waxing off (sorry). We did quite a good job, as she shines brightly, on the starboard side. I use finesse polishing liquid from 3M, and then apply Fleetwax. The best wax, and probably the oldest out there. Made in NY too! I use to travel a lot by bike when I was a kid. My parents never knew where the heck I was, and sometimes that was a good thing. I was into airplanes back then, and would hang out at an old airport in Amherst, and sometimes I'd hang out with the glider pilots in the old Niagara glider field. There was this old guy back then that would let me help him with the tow plane. I remembered all the tins of fleetwax laying around. The smell still reminds me of those days. By the way, Mom, you should know, they did take me up in the tow plane. So while you were cleaning the house, or grocery shopping, I was at 5,ooo feet, in the back seat of a clipped wing cup, with a glider on a line behind me. The scary part was the fact that I didn't have a stick, so if the old buzzard in front had a heart attack, I was toast. I asked him once, "where's the stick?", he said I could interfere with his piloting, so he took it out. Gee thanks you old bastard. I didn't say it, but I'm sure I thought it. Mom, you should have kept a closer eye on me. By the way, I could so land that plane if I had to. Histoy lesson: Colonite Fleetwax. Utica NY The company was founded in 1936 by the late Charles H. Collins ( pictured), who entered the automobile field with one single purpose in mind; to supply his customers with the highest grade products regardless of costs. Collinite is proud to still operate under this basic fundamental practice to this day. Its waxes and cleaners will never be found in cut-rate stores, nor the quality of its products compromised for marketing or quick profit shortcuts. Collinite can be found at most local automotive and marine stores. A guy at work, a hockey nut, will always tell a story of some drunken goalie who got booted out of the NHL, and is now pumping gas in Utica. Actually, if you think about it, that would pretty much be rock bottom wouldn't it. I'm tired, my arms are sore, my face is burnt. Life is good. Life will be better after a cold beer. Maybe a Utica Club Pilsner.

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