Wednesday, April 29, 2009


When you get to be a certain age, you have some things to look forward to, like retirement, an empty nest, free time, sailing, colonoscopy. Yes, that's right. I got a camera up the butt. Got pictures too! So, what did they find? Apparently I have to eat more fiber. I'll have to switch to a wheat beer :) I expected worse, as a person who lived on Buffalo chicken wings and pizza most of his young adult life, where the only veggie I would eat, was dipped in blue cheese. I thought I would be asked "What have you been eating?" Now that I have been eating smarter for the last two years, I kind of hoped the doc would tell me it was perfect, the best he's seen, and display my colon photos for all to see, and be jealous of. Not going to happen. All in all, it was OK, if not typical. So I'll strive for five from here on out ( 5 fruits/veg's a day), as I would like to be problem free while sailing the ocean blue. The day before this procedure, they have to clean you out, so you drink this terrible mixture, then wait for the hose to turn on. I waited 3 hours, and was getting concerned that I was totally plugged up, and I would have to cancel the appointment. Oh boy was I wrong. I went through three rolls of toilet paper, and the water bill is probably going to be doubled. It was so bad that the town sent out a crew to find the source of the excess flow. Not kidding.

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  1. Are you kidding about the sewer guys? Mom and I have reasons not to believe you. It isn't April 1 so we are not sure.