Thursday, April 23, 2009

Wax, Sweat and Tears

Looks like a warm weekend coming up! About time. We will try to get the old girl all waxed and painted, and ready for the splash. Quite a bit of work to do yet. But this work is relaxing. This will be number one's last weekend here in the east, for quite a while I imagine, as she heads west for a new adventure. It's tough to have them leave the nest, but then to have them go to the other side of the country is really tough. I wonder if I can get her to wash and wax the boat before she hits the road? Paint the deck? Be yourself, be good, be careful. And most of all, keep smiling. We will miss that smiling face around here.
Go west young girl!

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  1. You could have picked a better picture of me haha!