Sunday, May 3, 2009


I'm tuning out. Nothing but boat work, and maybe some yard, or house stuff during the rainy days. I don't care about work, or anything else going on in the crazy ass world this week. If I get on the web, it will be to look up boat stuff, or comm with the kids, or update the blog :) I'm willing to bet that my blood pressure will drop, and I'll sleep like a baby. In fact, why is that 60 minutes show on right now? Is Andy Rooney scary looking, or what? If I had kids watching right now, I think they would cry. It looks like I will have to fill all the stupid holes in the hull before I can put up the rubrail. The rail has pre-drilled holes, and they do not line up, of course. So that will take a day or two to get that done. I still have three more ball valves to replace, and they are the hardest to get at. I tried today to remove that crappy black exhaust/water hose from a valve, and it would not budge. I will have to cut it off, and replace with new. I hate that heavy duty hose. I got so frustrated today, I left the boat early. Hey Nic, we made another trip around the sun!

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