Saturday, May 2, 2009


I should not have any problem getting the work done on the boat and house this week, as I'm on layoff. Temporary layoff (TLO), has been going on for most of the year now, and this is my third week. The first week I just stared at the walls wondering what happened. Now I'm a little more prepared, mentally, to get some things done. So by the end of the week, SV Alert should be ready for the water. The weather looks good for most of the week, and I look forward to a stress free period of boat work. I will be incommunicado for the whole week, avoiding the news about flu, banks, autos, taliban, warming, Dems, Repubs, blah, blah, blah. Not sure where the auto industry is going, or what part Delphi will have in the future. We just sold our first Marine emissions components. California requires boats to have emission systems, so we are now in the boating business. I think Delphi will liquidate, and GM will scoop up the good stuff. Not sure where all us engineers will fit in, but I'll look at it as a good thing. This may be the kick start Deb and I needed to get to warmer water. Supposedly this will happen next week, while I am on TLO. Won't care, but I'm sure a text message will pop up, or some retiree at the marina will tell me "Have you heard? You're screwed!" I'm installing new rubrail along the toerail this week. It's the typical Catalina grey rubber that fits in a aluminum track. They must have drilled a million friggin screws into the topsides to attach the old one. Not sure if I'll use all the screw holes when putting up the new one. Why would you drill every six inches? Guess they didn't want it coming off. I suppose I should do the same, but it seems ridiculous to me. She's getting there. Won't be long, and we'll be sitting in the cockpit drinking a nice warm drink, trying to stay warm while floating in 40 degree water.

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