Saturday, May 30, 2009

Michigan City Indiana

We finally see Nicole after many months of her moving to Texas. She looks great, but feels terrible, as she has a cold. Hopefully not swine flu. Yikes. We are all here for a wedding as I mentioned earlier. Michigan City is a nice surprise so far. We found a great place to eat, and have a few beers last night. The Shoreline Brewery had a great menu, and the scotch ale was very tasty, though strong :) They even had a good food selection for us leaf eaters. I see that the sailing weather is not very good in NY. I was supposed to help my pal move his boat to Sodus Bay today, but the timing was not good. Hopefully Gary will play it safe today, and not go alone. Should be pretty cold out there, but a following sea and wind will make it feel a little warmer. Sleeping was not good last night as we had to listen to the snorting, and coughing of the sick one. Needless to say we are a little tired today, and slept in a little. Got to rest up for the wedding tonight. Should be fun, if we can stay awake. If I ever find my camera cable, we will post a picture page. Kind of gloomy weather here, no sun, but warmer than NY.

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