Sunday, June 7, 2009

Sick weekend

About Thursday night I was feeling a bit weak, and not from the beer I had with a buddy of mine after work. Without all the crappy details, I spent most of the next three days in bed, and on the toilet. Ugh, I hate stomach issues. I even went to emergency services, as it got to be too much to handle. Nothing positive was found, but I'm slowly getting better. So I missed another weekend of sailing :( Besides the shit storm at home, there is one at work as well. By the end of July, I will find out who I work for, or, if I'm working at all. I will probably be sailing around the lake when I find out, so maybe I'll just keep going out the St. Lawrence once I get the news. I would go out the canal, but Deb has a fondness for French Canadian wilderness, I guess. I found the camera cable! So below are some pictures of what's happened over the last few weeks, in chronological order.
Another season begins I don't like the way the mast bends
Always good when she floats the wiener mobile still makes us laugh
The beautiful bride and groom in Michigan City
The crappy weekend

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