Sunday, May 24, 2009

She floats

Well, we made it to the water, and Alert is floating and not pumping any water from the plumbing job I had done. If there is one thing I absolutely hate to do in this life, it's plumbing. So, I was actually surprised to find the seawater was not coming into the boat through the ball valves I replaced. Good deal. Not sure why, but we are really behind in our boat chores this year. I said to myself, I was not going to stress over the boat, as work has been stressful enough, so maybe this slowed me down a bit. Deb has been taking on more chores on this boat than ever before, and this helps, but still we're a day away from actually sailing. We got the mainsail rigged yesterday, but as I type this I remembered that we had not put the reefing lines in. Deb would normally remind me, but she was a bit distracted, and I'll leave it at that. She knows what I'm talking about. Today we have to put up the canvas, and get the jib hoisted, but now it looks like spotty showers are in order, so we'll see. If I knew where the camera was, we would show some pictures. Maybe I better take that b-12 vitamin today.

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