Saturday, May 16, 2009


A few more items to check off Deb's list, and we're ready to hit the water. Deb keeps lists, and updates them with check marks upon completion of the items. I start one, end up writing something unrelated on it, then lose it. But we're getting to the bottom of the launch list. Some more work on the mast, paint the bottom, then go. I think we'll launch during the week, on a nice warm day. It was a rough couple of weeks, as my daughter made her way across the country. I was a nervous wreck the whole time she was on the road. Seemed like the trip was doomed at first, as they lost their cat, then burned up the motor on their Toyota mini-van. Kelly should know that engine's love oil, like a sailor loves rum. So with all their possessions in a rental, they made it to Oregon. Once there, they secured an apartment, and Kelly got a job! Wow. What was I worried about? Work was weird. Almost like dead men walking. I was pretty busy the whole time, but the feeling you get in a quiet manufacturing floor is not good. The whole place has bad vibes. Where once you needed ear plugs to filter out the loud hum of machinery, now you can hear muffled conversation about the plant floor. The engineering center wasn't much better. A lot of nervous laughter and joking at times. I've been through this before, but never this bad, and it's different when you're looking at the possibility of finding a new job at this age. From what I hear, the job market, even for engineering has dried up. Where is my blood pressure meter? We will work on the tub this weekend and try to relax the whole time. No worries mon.

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