Sunday, June 21, 2009

Down and out for Father's day

Happy Father's day! I'd love to visit Dad today, but giving him the swine flu would not be a very nice gift. It's the gift that keeps giving too, as Deb now has it. My coughing spasms have subsided, but they have been replaced with Deb's. I feel bad, but it's hard to isolate someone within a house. She tried her best, but this flu spreads pretty easy. I'm assuming it's the swine flu, as it has hit Rochester pretty hard, and is reported to be spreading throughout the city and burbs. It feels kind of special, knowing you are part of a pandemic. Not a really good time to be taking sick days at work. At a time when they are deciding who to keep, and who to throw back, you don't want to be the sick one. The only shot I have, is if I go in and germ the place, and level the playing field. Can't toss us all back! I'm kidding of course. Well Dad I didn't even get you a card today. I was so focused on the stupid cat, and my coughing up phlegm, that I forgot. I am overdue for a visit, and if I can get a good string of good health going, I'll drop in to share a pint with ya. I remember Saturday, or Sunday mornings laughing together over the Stooges! Good times.

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