Friday, June 19, 2009

Chewy Lives!

A while back I mentioned that my daughter had moved to Oregon by mini-van. Along the way she lost her cat Chewy, at the first rest stop. Kelly was very upset at losing her furry friend, and had flyers made up, which her friend Eric's dad kindly posted everywhere in the vicinity of the lost feline. Two months later, Kell gets a call from a guy who says he took her cat to the humane society. I went and checked out the cat, compared photos, and what do you know, it's Chewy. So we are now pet owners again. We have to make arrangements to fly Chewy all the way to Oregon for a reunion. That shouldn't cost much :( Kelly is pretty excited, but not as much as her cat. This thing has been rubbing against me and Deb the whole time. Why is it a cat likes to shove it's ass in your face? That's why I'll never have a cat. It's the ass thing. I woke up Thursday morning with the flu, then had to drive to Angola to pick up the cat. Now I'm living on tylenol and theraflu, and coughing my head off. Swine flu? Sucking in cat hair while coughing is pretty special too. I can't catch a break in the health department lately. Ever since my colonoscophy I've been under the weather. It's like my whole immune system was flushed down the toilet. Looks like we'll miss another weekend of sailing, but the weather is supposed to be pretty bad tomorrow. This is like last year, where the only good days to sail were during the week. Oh well, in the meantime I will get healthy, so we can sail away for a while this summer.

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