Thursday, June 25, 2009

One left

One more day and It's vacation time! Yahoo. OK, well it's time off, not really a vacation. You see, if the wife still has to work, then it's time off. Vacation starts the week after. That's when we can sail our asses off all damn day long, and relax all damn evening long. Can't wait. I have a few jobs to take care of the first week, and then maybe I'll get some kayaking in, and some sunfish sailing. At least that's what I hope to do. We have a party this friday, but Deb is still suffering the flu symptoms. We may have to quarantine her on the boat, while I attend the partay. Of course, I still have to drive to the boat, so how much partay can I partake in? Not much. Our old gang does not get together like they used to, and it's a shame, but when we do we make the most of it :) There are pictures of our gatherings that will never make it to this blog. In fact I have to be careful now that my boss has found the blog. I should search the achives for any boss related posts. How bad could they be really, because it's so hard to find anything bad to say about the guy :) How's that for kissing butt?

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