Sunday, July 12, 2009

Friday sailing...One of the best

Wow, what a day we had Friday. It started with little wind, and flies, so we were getting a little discouraged about our day on the water. We were rewarded for our patience, and our drifting became a sailors dream, flat water and 15-20 knots of warm air. What a ride! We hit 8.8 knots of speed through the water at one point, but I only managed to photo the speedo at 8.3. I do this because nobody ever believes the tub can fly. They think because it's a Morgan, that it's a dog on the water. Not so. Friday night we met some friends at the bar for food, and drinks, then were going to grab a table with Gary, and Deb on the patio for the band. The keyboard player for the band collapsed after a few minutes in, and that kind of put a sad ending to the night. We stayed at the bar for a while, and I was rewarded with a pain in the head in the morning. I can do all the salty sailor stuff, except drinking. I'm not quite up to the competition any more, which is ok I guess. Nothing worse than a hangover on a boat. Saturday started ok, but the storm put an end to all activities. It was quite the storm, but somehow Sodus Bay was in a nice hole in the storm, and we saw lightning all around, but got mostly rain. I was still cowering in the aft cabin, which I calculated as the safest part of the boat in a storm. Deb was asleep in the cockpit for the whole thing. No fear. Today we hope to get out, after the wind settles down to about 10-15. Nice day so far, and boy do we deserve it. Could be warmer, though it's about 80 in this cockpit with all the canvas up. We should grow tomatoes in here. We went up to the point to see some classic yachts that had sailed in for the weekend. They were pretty cool, but up close, you could see they needed some TLC. Still, they were nice, and I would sail on them any day. My life on a boat is coming to an end, as I'll be back at work on Monday. It will take me a while to adjust. I had a ball, even though the weather was not perfect. Deb is praying that I'll practice better hygiene when we are doing this full time. Guys tend to get a little lazy when left alone :)


  1. Paul,

    It's like looking in a mirror. 2 girls out west and Texas. they have the list and we punch them off. Looking at your family is like looking at my photo album. Or is it all of America is this way. Lets sail, drink and live together.

  2. Jon,
    We'll sail and drink together, but you'll have to settle for us anchored next to you. The living together part is just way too cozy :) It is cool to see the similarities in our families. See you in Little Sodus sometime soon, if the weather ever gets better. Oh, and Kasidah is one pretty boat. Fair winds.