Friday, July 10, 2009

Windlass Woes

Good thing I tried the windlass before we dropped anchor. It was frozen solid. The bearings/bushings must have corroded, and she was not going to move. I worked on that thing for about three days, and finally we have a working windlass. I had a towel on the deck, and the parts scattered all over. I should have taken a photo to show the admiral I was actually working. Of course, I managed to get invited out to sail two days, and we arrived back at cocktail hour, so that may have delayed completion :) The co-owner (Deb) has arrived, and is looking around at all my completed projects. Guess I shouldn't have sent her all those pictures of me sailing on other boats. I couldn't resist though. Nothing worse than being in a cubicle all day, while someone else is having a great sail. It was enough to get her out here Thursday night. Today we sail, after breakfast, and showers. We have a light wind out of the south, so flat seas, and slow sailing in the sunshine. A dip in the lake sounds good.

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