Tuesday, July 7, 2009

South Texas Girl

Our daughter Nicole flew in to see us over the fourth, and it was great seeing her. She is even sporting a south Texas accent. Amazing how fast she adapts :) Nicole will always be a Yorker, but she's losing her nasal WNY Raaachester voice. She hasn't changed much, accept for her being a slave to her iPhone. It was great having her here, and I wish we could all be together again, but they are both pretty independent, and we love that about them. See you in Texas Nicole! Pick out a nice hat for me. A large :) The weather was too rough to to go out in, so we partied at the dock with a few friends, who eventually made it over to our boat for a late night. Everyone was feeling pretty good, but not enough to have prevent a good sail the next day. As you can see, Deb is now healthy. She just needs to get rid of that cough so she doesn't freak everyone out.
A picture of Jeff in the Hunter, toying with Allan in the Pearson. If the wind and seas were up, it would be the other way around.

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