Sunday, July 19, 2009

Whine, and you shall receive

I did enough whining about the weather in the last post to generate a nice day for sailing. The forecast was all wrong, except for the people under the water spout, but for the rest of us it was great! We had about 15-20 knots, and 3 foot waves, and it was fun! Alert really enjoyed the ride, and threw everything off the shelves, but she handled the waves just fine. There were only four of us out there sailing on the lake, as a lot of folks stayed in the bay. I'll post a video when I get better internet reception. Oak Park Marina has one of the worst wireless set-ups. It works great if I go in the cockpit, and place the antenna just so. It barely reaches the end of the docks, where all the sailboaters are. Hmm. Perfect Sunday morning. Sunrise in the cockpit, coffee in hand, I watch the fishermen race across the bay as they head for the lake. The blue heron stalks the waters from the edge of the dock, searching for the first meal of the day. The sound of water lapping against the hull, and the rhythmic clanging of the halyards in the slight breeze, wraps around me and holds me. I think we sail again today. Sunny and high of 74 :( Still no heat. Not much wind either, but what the hell, I'm not whining.

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