Thursday, August 27, 2009

Dogs and Boats

Occasionally you see a nice dog on a boat, poised at the bow, tongue hanging out, just having a great time. You say to yourself, "I love dogs. We should get one." Then you see them going by again later. Then again later. And again. They're going on poop runs! I love dogs, and they love me, but there is no way I would be taking the dog to shore every 2 hrs. I swear that's all some of the folks we were anchored with did, is drive their dog around! Our old dog Murf was a pooping machine, and we would have been going back and forth all day. In fact Murf would have thought it was funny, and would have pinched off early, just so he could go fifteen minutes later. What about fleas? Imagine a boat load of those. Say you are crossing the lake, a ten hour trip, where does the dog crap? "Honey could you free up that jib sheet, and watch out for the dog pile" Now here's a dog that can come in handy on a boat. Teach him to lie down, add soap, water, and swab the deck with him.


That's no mop. It's a Hungarian puli sheepdog named Fee with her owner, Eva Meyer, during a preview for a pedigree dog show in Dortmund, Germany.

Photo: Frank Augstein/AP

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