Saturday, August 29, 2009

Lazy Day

More from our cruise in August... Was a really lazy day today. Odd chores and too much napping. Wanted to go to Mermaid Island, but Deb just frowned on the idea. I thought I would leave it up to her to mention again, but she never did. Guess she didn't want to go. If I left all these decisions on activities up to Deb, we'd be found floating at sea, our muscles too atrophied to steer the ship. We would be all cramped up from reading, napping, reading and napping. Maybe dinghy travel is not her style, but she better get used to that. The poker run went by the island today. One noise machine after another flashed by on their way to wherever. Who cares. They have a lot of power and make a lot of noise, but any wave activity kills their speed. What was funny, is a PWC was keeping up with them. Tomorrow we head to Gan at about 11am. I here it's supposed to rain. Goody.

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