Sunday, August 30, 2009


More from the cruise in August... Today we move to the marina in Gananoque, where we'll plug into the grid and enjoy the good life. The "Crosby" can suck down the Canadian grid, keeping our beer and cheese cold. Last night the wind kicked up while at anchor. I got up to the deck, and decided to sleep in the cockpit for a while. Every gust would wake me, but I immediately would seewe were holding, and go back to sleep. I imagine I'll have to do that a few times when we're cruising full time. I just realized how close the guy next to us is this morning. It's like the empty movie theater, and the next couple that come in, sit right in front of you. Why? This guy is retirement age, and from Rochester, and he knows he dropped too close, but I couldn't scare him away. Being a newbie at this, I thought I'd just stick it out and see what happens. All is well, though I could probably toss him the creamer for his coffee. You know how sound carries through the water? When down below, we can hear the props of various boats cutting through the water. We know when it's a power boat, or a sailboat just by the sound. I can see now how the navy can train people to to spot different vessels and subs based on the propulsion signature. This blue heron has been our neighbor the whole time behind the island. I think he owns the little strip of land behind us. What a great spot this bird has. Of course, it too may be trapped in Prison Beaurivage.

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