Saturday, February 21, 2009

Off to a bad start

Well, everything was going smoothly. We got the truck packed up, with everything Nicole wants, and some things she doesn't want, but I snuck them in anyway. After almost a full load, I decided to start the truck, because they had to jump the battery when we picked up the ugly thing. Turn the key *click* *click* nothing. Dead battery. I called the company we rented from, and they said to jump it, and let it run for forty five minutes. Look turkeys, I already did that earlier, and three hours later it's dead. How about you guys get me a new battery. They wanted me to jump it, drive it over to them, and leave it until morning. Sorry, how about this plan, "Bring me a battery...NOW!" Well, they didn't show, and a phone call got unanswered about three times, then they were closed. Damn. Budget service was called, and they sent a repairman, who could not find our address in his GPS. How about a map pal. Long story short...while waiting for the service guy, the original guy from the rental place snuck in and replaced the battery. I heard the hood close, went outside and there he is. "Start it up. Got you a new battery". It started right up, and I canceled the service guy after he was on the road for half an hr already. What the hell. What would it take to make a call and say, " hey, be there in an hour with a battery". Oh well. Ready for takeoff at 8AM tomorrow. Come On Nic, Lets GO!

Texas Bound

Let the adventure begin. OK, let the long drive begin. Not sure what kind of adventure we'll have, riding the highways for 25 hrs in a 15 foot moving truck, but I'm sure there will be stories. Tearful goodbyes last night for Nicole, but it's time to start her new life. No longer a college kid, I think she's a little nervous going into the working world. At least she's going in, as a lot of us are going out these days. We'll see what Texas has to offer. I hear it's nice. As long as the little Yankee keeps her NY attitude in check, things should be fine. You're not from Texas but...

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Blog Exposure

Did you ever say to someone at work "Hey, I have a blog", and then they ask for the address, and you start thinking, "do I want people at work to read my ramblings? Is there something that they would read and think "weirdo!", or your boss gets a hold of the address and picks up on the fact you went sailing the day you called in sick! I worried about that recently, and have heard of horror stories with facebook, and work. After some careful consideration, I figure what the hell, let them read it. If it spreads around work, that I got a little drunk in Kingston, and was smiling stupidly at a rather hot looking French Canadian woman in the laundromat sitting next to my wife, well what's the harm in that? If I wore a towel as a turban, and spoke of the excitement of "fresh towel Sunday", pretending to be Indian, well so what. If I set my boat on fire while making coffee, before leaving for a fire training exercise, well, what's the harm? I think that the folks at work will just feel like they know you that much better, though it may get a bit lonely at lunch.