Friday, May 8, 2009

Good Friend

Got a text from a good friend yesterday, saying he wanted to buy me a beer on my birthday. Buy me a beer? I'm there dude. It was a brief, but good reunion, as we haven't seen each other in a long time. We caught up over a few pints, and then Charlie was off to band practice. Charlie will be 80 years old and still rockin on his Fender Strat. It is kind of cool that he can still get up on stage and do that. His life is still filled with drama, mostly women related, but he hasn't changed at all since 1977. Well, maybe a little around the middle :) We don't see each other much, but it's always a good time when we do. Well, it's time to wrap up my layoff week, with more boat work. The ball valve replacement is not going too well, as I swear they built the boat around the last two valves I have to replace. I can get a wrench around them, but there is not enough room to get any leverage. I do not want to take half the boat apart to get at them. One more try today, then Deb said she will take me out to dinner for my birthday.

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Happy Birthday Nicole!

Happy Birthday to my beautiful daughter, who always makes us smile, and laugh. Enjoy your day (working ha ha), and have a nice refreshing beverage later in celebration. Wish we could be there with you. We Love you, Mom and Pops People you share a birthday with:
George Clooney turns 48 years old today.

Willie Mays Baseball Hall of Famer 75 Richard Shelby U.S. senator, R-Ala. 64 Jimmie Dale Gilmore Singer 64 Bob Seger Rock musician 62 Alan Dale Actor 62 Ben Masters Actor 57 Gregg Henry Actor 56 Tony Blair Former British prime minister 54 Tom Bergeron TV host ("Dancing with the Stars") 49 Roma Downey Actress ("Touched by an Angel") 49 John Flansburgh Rock singer (They Might Be Giants) 45 Tony Scalzo Rock musician (Fastball) 44 Leslie Hope Actress 42 Mark Bryan Rock musician (Hootie and the Blowfish) 38 Chris Shiflett Rock musician (Foo Fighters) 37 Martin Brodeur Hockey player 26 Adrianne Palicki Actress ("Friday Night Lights") Robert Peary 5/6/1856 - 2/20/1920 American arctic explorer; led the first expedition to the North Pole Sigmund Freud 5/6/1856 - 9/23/1939 Austrian neurologist and founder of psychoanalysis

Sunday, May 3, 2009


I'm tuning out. Nothing but boat work, and maybe some yard, or house stuff during the rainy days. I don't care about work, or anything else going on in the crazy ass world this week. If I get on the web, it will be to look up boat stuff, or comm with the kids, or update the blog :) I'm willing to bet that my blood pressure will drop, and I'll sleep like a baby. In fact, why is that 60 minutes show on right now? Is Andy Rooney scary looking, or what? If I had kids watching right now, I think they would cry. It looks like I will have to fill all the stupid holes in the hull before I can put up the rubrail. The rail has pre-drilled holes, and they do not line up, of course. So that will take a day or two to get that done. I still have three more ball valves to replace, and they are the hardest to get at. I tried today to remove that crappy black exhaust/water hose from a valve, and it would not budge. I will have to cut it off, and replace with new. I hate that heavy duty hose. I got so frustrated today, I left the boat early. Hey Nic, we made another trip around the sun!