Saturday, May 21, 2011

I was not raptured

Well, I'm still here. Guess I'll purchase the solar panels, before the zombies take over. I should probably add a wind generator, as the sun may not be shining for a while, after all the earthquakes, and things start burning. Amazed at some people, but not surprised at how they handled the predictions of an old engineer, who calculated the end of times, and spent gobs of money advertising said prediction.  I feel bad for the children of the parents who sold everything, figuring they were being raptured.  How do you face your family after you find out you were wrong about all this? Probably feels the same as telling your family you bought a boat. I remember those faces clearly.

We are in Kokomo Indiana for a wedding. My daughter's college friend is getting married, and we were invited. Only an eight hour drive from Rochester,  ugh.  We do get to see Nicole, however briefly. Jonathan is here too, and we get to grill him for a few hours :)

The vessel is ready for launch, as I took Thursday off of work to take advantage of the sunny skies. Finally got the anchor light to work. The stupid design of the spring loaded contacts was at fault. You would push in the bulb, and twist it, and the contact post would hit the bottom of the lamp housing, rotate and not pop back up. I shimmed up the socket with a few washers, and this worked well. Oh, I also switched to an LED. Hope it's bright enough.
We always add another light, just above the deck to light us up at anchor. I figured a drunk power boater is not going to notice my little lamp, sixty feet in the air.

Well, the next post should be from the water, if all goes according to plan. Unless the end of times was slightly miscalculated, and things do start to fall apart. We'll still be on the boat, fighting the zombies.

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  1. Best wishes and look forward to your next post! I bet those people who quit their jobs and spent all their savings were pissed they didn't die .. I'm thrilled to still be around and still have )my job! =)