Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Still on the hard

Who'll stop the rain?  I can't remember the last time we had such a miserable spring. It feels like november out here. We are still trying to wrap up some projects before we splash. The davits are in, but we still need to mount the rail supports. We tried last night, in between squalls, but we managed a few holes drilled before the rain and darkness moved in. Deb was shivering last night trying to assist me, and I could see in her face the question, "Can we just go south already?".
Nothing really freaks me out more than drilling holes in my boat. When that drill bit finally breaks through, it sends a chill down my spine. I guess it would be worse if I was drilling through the bottom of the boat. There are enough holes there, we don't need anymore. Trying to keep the drill bit at a 90 degree angle on the sloped transom was not easy from a ladder, which is on plywood, on top of rocks along the shore. They really did not make it easy for me to work on the barge this year.
On a positive note, our fuel polishing seems to be working, as the Yanmar fired up after bleeding the system, and ran enough to get up to temperature. Good sign, as the fuel was pretty dirty, and I had never polished fuel before. I emptied about 10 gallons from the port tank, which was overfilled, and leaking out the tank vent. Oops. I just need to add some biocide to both tanks, and, maybe some more polishing on the port side, and we're good to go.
We are scheduled for launch, sometime in the next week, so let the good times roll!  Can't wait to get out of that apartment, and into some fresh air.

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  1. It was easier to name my kids than to drill holes in the boat......