Monday, July 18, 2011

Destination: Cobourg Ontario

Well, we'll get there eventually.

The cruising plan is to cross the Lake to Cobourg, then bop over to Whitby, continuing to Toronto. We left Sunday morning, because the bastards that employ us, would not leave us alone the whole week before. Needless to say, we were not ready for the Saturday morning departure. Prepped all day Saturday, with some relaxation, and Sunday morning looked good for the crossing. Nice breeze from the southwest, and we would reach all the way there. As we motored out into the lake, I made my rounds down below, as I usually do, to make sure things were cool. You know, like no water coming in the boat, stuff like that. Bilge? Relatively dry. Pump work? No. Looks like a bad float switch, again. Not a problem, as I can jumper it. Instruments? Good. Engine? Looks OK, sounds OK, any fluids visible, or oil? Um, what's that pink stuff dripping on the alternator? Crap! We have a coolant leak, and a steady one at that. "Deb, turn her around".

Deb had such a nice smile going, as she was free of work, and about to have a wonderful sail across a blue lake with sunny skies. I hated to see that smile turn to concern as she spun the boat around. We killed the engine, and sailed as close as we dared, then fired the thing up again. After we tied her up, I waited for the coolant temp to come down, and then yanked the hoses. Looks like a rupture where the hose may have made contact with the engine. Damn.

My buddy Don (Tweaker) came to the rescue, with some hose. Where does he get this stuff? The other day I needed to open up a hole in some stainless, and he pulls this xmas tree looking thing out of his ass, that will widen the hole up to where you need it. Amazing. Even more amazing is the porn hits I'll get for stringing those sentences together.

We're all put back together, and running. Now I have to replace the crappy Rule brand float switch for the bilge pump. These poorly made switches only last a year or two. You really have to check them every day.

Too late in the day to cross now, so we stayed put, and met up with Kelly and Eric for lunch. We then jumped over to Abe's to watch the girls soccer team's disappointing loss to Japan. Bummer. We found our friends sitting peacefully with their Dog Izzy, so we felt obligated to ruin that nice moment by hopping aboard for a nightcap.

So the plan was to cross Monday morning, but as you can see from this radar picture, we aren't going anywhere.

The remnants of what kept us at the dock.

So, I guess we sit tight, wait out the storm, and leave tomorrow. Well, that's the plan anyway. 

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