Thursday, July 21, 2011

Oh Canada

Got to Cobourg without an incident. Hooray! We are spending a few nights here, then on to Whitby. Never been there, and never heard of anyone being there. Should be interesting. Hopefully I’ll find a nice pub, and I hope it’s better than the one we found last night. This one was located in an old hotel, and had about 4 locals in it. The kind of place, where you walk in and it gets quiet, and they all size you up. We just ordered a couple beers, and watched the Jays game. One of the old guys in shorts and black socks, pulled up with suspenders was pretty buzzed, and talked up a nice lady at the end of the bar. It was at the point where he started kissing her hand, when they decided to leave. That left Deb as the target of Mr. Socks. He looked at me, and I did not smile, so as not to put out a friendly invitation. Hope Deb appreciated that. Another patron had an old baseball uniform, which looked like it was from the 30’s all tucked into his 120 lb frame. Add a mullet haircut, and it’s not a pretty picture. Very entertaining, and harmless. Not sure Deb liked my choice of drinking establishments.
So we sailed halfway across the lake, until the wind died on us, and we had to fire up old Smokey. Took us about 11 hours to do the 67 miles. Not too bad I guess. We could have motor sailed and made it in much less, but what fun it that? When we went to start the engine, it didn’t. It sounded like a dead battery, but on the next try is fired up. When the alternator started charging, it seemed to be cranking in an awful lot of amps for only using the instruments for the last 6 hours. I’m wondering if my starter battery is crapping out. I brought along a spare battery (who does that?) and will swap it out today.
When we were motoring we had visitors……
These bastards are the spawn of Satan. They will eat your flesh, and they are quick. First they send in the stupid flies. These do not bite, they just land on you and size you up. You can swat them easily while the others watch to see who has the quick hands. After this squadron gets decimated, the others descend.  These little creatures from hell, attacked us the rest of the way. If you do managed to kill one, the others attack the corpse. Yes, they are cannibals as well.  After we docked, they continued to bite us until we left for dinner. There are still a few around, and they only bite Deb. Based on the scouting report, she must have been the slower hand.
Had a great dinner at the Oasis, and the drinks were good too.  I asked for a Tanqueray and Tonic, and I got a stare, and then “What?”  It’s gin…and tonic. “I’ll be right back.”  Ten minutes later. “We have Tanqueray. What do you want in it?” Oh boy. At least there was a lime in the first one.
So far, so good. Lot’s of friendly people here.
Good times.
Freighter alley. Pay attention!


  1. Sounds like a great weekend is in store for ya'll. Have a great time!

  2. Local pubs are pretty entertaining...