Friday, July 22, 2011

In Toronto eh

Made it to the big city on the lake. The Toronto Island Marina is not like the brochure, but it will do just fine. I'll post pics later, but if you could see where I am docked, you would wonder how in the hell I am going to get out of there. Well, I'm wondering too! I guess that's what's fun about cruising, it's always a challenge. If it was the same old same old, then you might as well sit on the couch. I say that now, but if I'm playing bumper boats in Canada  later, I might be wishing I was on the couch.
I wish i had pictures of the entrance to the docks, but I was too busy trying not to crap my pants. The entrance is a canal, and it's marked with some little buoys, and from the harbor, they look they are marking the entrance to a forest trail. You head right for the trees, get through the markers, and make a left. The depth read 5 feet, and I was swearing I'll strangle the kid that told me there was enough water in there, when a sailboat came the other way, and Deb asked how deep the water was in there. The guy said 12 feet, and he drew 7, and he made it. OK, away we go. So the docks are nice, but man is it tight in there.

So the trip from Cobourg was slowed a little by another dirty racor filter, but i swapped it out pretty quickly, and we motor sailed here. The wind was on the nose most of the trip, but shifted enough for us to get the main up. That added about 4 knots. So here we are. We're off to see a CFL game tomorrow at the dome, then some dinner and a few cocktails :)

Good times.

Paul and Deb

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