Friday, November 25, 2011


Well, she may not be as tightly wrapped as my yard neighbor, but she's covered. Not sure if it really matters, but I feel better knowing the snow isn't sitting on the deck.

I took this angle so my pal can't see his boat. He he he.

I have some more cross framing to do to prevent the heavy snow from pushing down on the tarp. I'll do that tomorrow in the warm air. Supposed to be about 60, and partly sunny.
Deb and I got her covered in about 3 hours. We roll out the tarp in the lot, then roll it lengthwise, into a long tarp sausage. Tie a line to one end, toss the line over the boat, then haul it on deck. Last year I flaked the tarp, and that was a hell of a lot easier than trying to get it to roll off the deck. Rolling it was not a good idea, as it was quite a struggle to get that damn sausage to unroll. Lot's of heavy breathing on my part. Might have to hit the gym this winter. Don't want to die on the hard.

So, now it's officially over. I could just say goodbye, and see her again in the spring, or I can get my ass out there on weekends and get some jobs done. We'll see how much will power I have, and how much snow we get. Will be quite the boring blog if I don't get some projects going. What? It's already boring? Thanks Dear.

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  1. Nice windblock! Please make sure the port stands are nice and tight!