Friday, November 25, 2011


Deb and I are thankful for friends and family that didn't want to see two old folks sit out thanksgiving in their tiny apartment. We would have been fine, and I would have whipped up something special in the galley, but it was great to be in the company of some very nice people. People we'll really get to know better in the coming months, as the wedding gets closer. So special thanks to the Spear family for a fantastic meal! Wish I was in better condition for the party, but Deb and I got a little excited about being free from work for the next four days, and maybe celebrated a wee bit too much  :)

Today we think we can cover the boat, as the wind speed has diminished to about eight knots, and we have a helping hand. Kelly will attempt to help us get the 50x30 tarp over the boat. I'm sure there will be a few laughs. This is never a fun job, but it has to be done. We are really late in getting it done this year, so thankful the weather cooperated.

Bet these guys are thankful they found their skipper. I only saw one life jacket, on the bowman, until after the broach, when someone thought maybe the PFD's are a good idea, but then I see text on screen that says they all had PFD's on. They must have inflatables, under their jackets. In my many years racing, I've observed the fact that no one wants to be the first to put on a PFD. I am usually that guy, as I work the bow, but it only takes one person to put one on, and most of the others will follow. Your gut will usually tell you when it's time, and you should ignore the "looks" from the rest of the crew, or passing boats. Most of us are too old to try to look pretty on the boat anyhow.
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  1. Yep... looks like a typical Tuesday night on Condor...