Sunday, April 1, 2012

Change of plans

Screw it. I've had it with this monster of a boat, in fact I've had it with sailing. We're out. Period.
We put a deposit down on a cabin in Wyoming, where we can see for miles and miles, and no sign of water anywhere, or any talk of boats. It was just too overwhelming. We will live on a working ranch, where I will learn to handle cattle.

Hell, we're not even vegetarians anymore. We just had steak, rare, and we loved it. Just got tired of people waving cooked animals in my face, and having to eat sides when we're out. Besides, working with cattle, you get free meals when one gets knocked off for whatever reason.

So with our new lifestyles, we're buying an RV, driving out to Wyoming, and living off the land.
It's been fun.
Adios partners.

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