Monday, April 2, 2012

Getting on the list, and backing off the pressure

I guess we're not cut out to be ranchers after all, so it's back to the boat chores. Got the bottom all scrubbed and ready for new paint. It was cold and rainy all weekend, but I forced myself to get my ass out there, as my buddy next to me is also plugging away, and we kind of have a little competition going. He's determined to get on the launch list before me. I believe he has achieved that goal.

Mr Hydrocoat is steps ahead of me. 

The launch list is kind of stupid really. I know that three weeks ago, there were people on the list ready to launch, but I also know that nobody was out there working on anything until this last weekend. They're not ready, they just got their names in. I'll put my name in when we're ready, play by the rules, and we'll see what happens. Last year we got bumped for some reason, but I'll be watching closely this year for any irregularities. A suggestion would be a public launch list. Something we can all view, and see where we stand day to day. Kind of a "Take a number" type list. The list is already a first come first served list so why not assign a number?

Speaking of assignments. One major assignment I have is to get that damn storage locker cleaned out. Got one Kayak sold and gone on Thursday, but no nibbles on the other. I have so many tools in there, and I have to figure out what to keep on the boat. Might be time for a storage unit sale!

Had a physical for my MMO renewal, passed everything, but found out GM is killing me slowly. No shit.
I need way more exercise, less time at work, more sleep, and absolutely no salt. How can I eat radishes without salt! I got a good lecture, then got handed the New York State health proxy form to fill out. Kind of like saying "dude, fill this out so when you have a stroke and you're a vegetable, someone can pull the plug."  Geez.

I guess the only salt I can look forward to is in the water our boat will be floating in. Soon, real soon.

I have a form to fill out.


  1. Get your health "on the list". It would be pretty ironic to bust your ass working on the boat and scrimping and saving only to die from some salty radishes...

    1. Hahahaha...That would be pretty stupid of me, but kind of funny. Guess I'll only eat salty radishes on my birthday. I'm going to hate being one of those label readers in the grocery store.

      Blogging from work seems to be pretty relaxing.