Friday, April 20, 2012

Early Bird

There are some benefits to global warming. This is the earliest we have ever had the boat launched. I got her in the first week of May one year, and got to have a beer on the boat for my birthday. That was special. What was even more special was the three weeks of pouring rain we had immediately after. Many friends have thanked me for ruining the weather by launching the boat. It's kind of like putting the snowblower away early, guaranteeing at least three feet of snow in the driveway within a week. Why are people so superstitious around here? How can launching a boat bring bad weather?

Oh. Anyhow, the launch went very well. Everything is in order, and the rig looks good. Katlynn did an excellent job.
Felt pretty good to be in the water. It was a sunny day, and we got the boom up, and the boat secure. We then went to dinner at Jacks for thirsty Thursdays, and saw some folks from last season. Smiles all around.

The only one not smiling is my buddy who was on the list before me. Hope my pal gets in today, before he bursts a blood vessel. This whole launching of boats can get stressful, as the schedule is subject to change. We know from last year, when everyone was enjoying Memorial day weekend on their boats, and we were on the hard, totally steamed. We ended up driving to one of our favorite sailing destinations, and had a great time. It's never as bad as it seems. Find the humor in everything, and roll with it.


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