Monday, April 16, 2012

Still something

Even though I should be ready for launch today, there is always a little something to get done. Basically I can go in without a problem, but I'd still like to give the rudder another coat of epoxy on the bottom, some tape around some pins, possibly more bottom paint on the leading edges, get more fenders out there.... it just goes on and on.
Busted hump in the rain yesterday to finish. Rain and bugs.

Kind of a whirlwind weekend, and not much sleep with all the coming and going of the ladies. Thought I would pass out last night, but started thinking about re-bedding the deck hardware, of all things. Might have to take a pill tonight to stop my mind from working overtime. Damn boats are supposed to be relaxing.

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  1. Ha ha ha you said relaxing and boats in the same sentence!

    S/V Kintala