Monday, April 30, 2012

A good scrubbing

We intended to put the sails on yesterday, but the wind was blowing about 12-15 behind us. It was a cold wind, requiring winter gear, and Deb wanted no part of it. We retreated to the interior, and decided to clean everything. She needed it. Deb had some 409 ready, but I wanted to be "green" and used 50/50 mix of vinegar and water, with some lemon oil. It worked really well, and we managed to scrub the entire boat in one day. The only downside to using this solution, is the smell. I hope it goes away eventually, as the boat smells like a lemon vinaigrette salad dressing. Unfortunately, we left all the towels we cleaned her with in my van, so this morning was a real wake up scent, kind of like smelling salts. I can tell you that's not a good scent first thing in the morning. Sitting here at my desk, I can still smell the stuff. Amazing how dirty the boat gets sitting there all winter. She didn't really look that bad, but you look at the towels and you see all the crud that accumulates. It feels good getting her all cleaned up. Time to move in!

You may have heard of the Farallones Race tragedy, where sailors perished in rough seas. One of the survivors wrote a letter to the community, giving his account.  We can learn form this.  See it here.

Well, another work week awaits. Time to get my geek on.
No salads this week.


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