Tuesday, April 24, 2012


Paid a visit to the boat after I picked up the old van from the shop. The boat was sitting comfortably in her slip, and did not look stressed at all. Me on the other hand, I was frozen! Amazing what wind whipped frozen rain will do to you in minutes. Just checking the lines, and walking around the deck and I was a Popsicle in no time. Down below we looked good, with the exception of the mast boot. I use a mast boot tape, and last year the one I always order, and the one that works was not available. What I got instead was some cheap ass brand that tears easily. Stupid me didn't order any for this year, so I used the cheap ass stuff one more time. Low and behold, the water just trickles in under the stuff. Sigh. Hopefully the local West Marine has some, while I try to find the good stuff somewhere online. Some of the folks out here got launched, and they never went out to check on their boats. I see one Cape Dory without any boot!

I was catching some flak at work recently about my vehicle. I have a hand me down van from my wife, which used to be the family runner. It's an '02 Chevy Venture, and she's a little rusty, 180,000 miles, missing a side mirror from a killer icicle, but runs great and has been paid for, for a while now. In fact we have no car payments at all, and Deb's Saturn is five years old now. "Dude, when you getting a new car!" Dude, I'm not. In fact, the last new car I bought for myself was a 1984 Pontiac 6000, stripped four cylinder beauty. All the other cars I've owned have been used. I would love to have a new car. I just would not love to be making payments for five years. So, I guess I can't even support my own livelihood.

Cars I've owned.

Ah, the Pinto. What a sex machine. Actually is wasn't bad ;)  I dated small women. I had the sedan, no hatchback for me. I have my standards.

Toyota SR5. I really liked this truck. Was my first and last foreign car. It exploded. Yes, it really did, and no, I'm not telling the story. You would have thought the Pinto would have been the explosive one.

Chevy Chevette. This is what I got from the insurance on the exploding Toyota. Sweet.

Pontiac 6000. This was my first family sedan. The color was champagne. My friends called it the champagne jam, based on my driving. I craved something sporty.

The Cutlass Supreme. My first "sport coupe". Mine was black and silver. My daughter threw up all over the interior right after I got it, just to remind me I wasn't that sporty.

Pontiac Grand Prix. I loved this car, but it didn't love me. The paint job was so good, it completely hid the fact that the car had completely rusted out. I touched the fender one day, and my finger went through it. I was driving inside an eggshell.

Chevy Venture. My current mode of transportation. It has held up well, as have all the cars that Deb has owned. Maybe it's me.



  1. Have you beat - I drive a 97 Saturn with 214,000 miles on it. We take the front passenger seat out all the time to haul boat parts to the marina so it's earned its nickname the Saturn Silverado.

    S/V Kintala

  2. Damn. Got beat by a Saturn :) That's a lot of miles. Hey, my Deb drives a Saturn too. So, that makes four sailing Deb's that I know, that drive Saturn's. Not sure what to make of that.

    Supposedly I am getting the Saturn Vue when the van dies. It's bright red, and I think it's a girls car. Deb wants a used Jeep. I think I should have the Jeep, not just because it's more manly, it's also the fact that I'll be the one fixing that ugly thing. With some luck, the van will carry me through until 6/1/2013, then I can avoid the pretty Saturn.

  3. Ahh.. The Pinto and Toyota!! Those were the days!!!

  4. At least I have a late 1960s ford mustang in my collection, back from when mustangs were cool :) My bright yellow ford fiesta went up in flames with your truck :( I think my insurance company paid for that lovely Chevy Chevette; as I recall, you didn't get much cash for that crappy Toyota!