Sunday, April 15, 2012

Launch next week?

After my contribution to my Daughter's shower, I was off to the boat to get some things done, and to relax a bit. Nothing settles the blood pressure more than some time with the boat. So I went to work pulling the suspect chain plate, which I assumed was pitted and possibly cracked. Much to my surprise, it was fine. In fact, it looked fairly new! The bulkhead was dry also. So where did the stains come from? Not really sure. That in itself bothers me. Everything looked great, yet there was a stain on the bulkhead, from behind the plate. Another mystery.

Looks clean to me.

Pretty stupid of me to mark the top, but smart to mark bow & Stern

I was hesitant to start the engine, only because it's usually a team effort, and I was in no rush assuming I would launch weeks from now. While contemplating my next task, I was visited by a friend who I work with, and who's a boater at the marina. He told me that there are only ten people on the launch list. Ten! Crap, I better get moving!  So, I fired up the engine, re-installed the chain plate,  got lines and fenders ready, closed seacocks, plugged the rudder, and rubbed out a hull scratch. Phew. Imagine the horror if they launched me Monday.

Today I have to string a new halyard, check mast lights, and mount the antenna, after I get Nicole to the airport, and back to GA. In between all this activity I did get to spend some time with my daughters individually, and it was great. I really miss Nicole's laughter, and outgoing nature. It really adds some life to the quiet apartment, though our neighbor decided one night of this was enough, and she bolted for quieter digs. It was Kelly's special weekend, and I'm happy she got to enjoy it with her sister. Kell had the biggest smile last night, when she stepped out of the limo to get a kiss from her Dad. So happy she had a great night. We got to spend some time in the sun together, cleaning out our vehicles and shooting the breeze. Not seeing our daughters frequently will be the worst part about cruising.

Big storm coming. Looks like a wet day of boat work.


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