Monday, April 9, 2012

She's ready, I think.

Awesome weekend for boat work, unless you ask Deb. The cold air blowing off the lake made for cool temps. She was a trooper though, and helped out with the hull cleaning and waxing. Frozen hands and all.

We used 3M Finesse-It to clean up the rub marks from the tarp, and then seal her up with Fleet Wax. We do it all by hand, and at the end of the day, we could barely hold up a beer. Barely.
Saturday night we went out for dinner, as nobody felt like cooking. It would all taste like wax anyway. We walked over to Hogan's Hideaway and had a bite. While waiting for the check, our daughter Kelly arrived with Eric, Sarah, and Zach. They had the booth next to us. What are the odds. We decided to head to the bar instead of the apartment, and the kids met up with us for a few. A few laughs at the bar, and then home to collapse.

Sunday we finished the wax, and then I got to the ugly part of putting on the bottom paint. Because of an early spring, we have these flying insects that come out in clouds, fly around, then die. Not sure what they are, but they come in bunches and stick to everything. At one point I was covered in the damn things. They don't fly away either. You try to shake them off, then they just mush. Well, every time I rolled on fresh bottom paint, the cloud would descend, and the little gnats would all stick to the paint. So, if you look closely, you can see little wings sticking out of my bottom paint. I guess I'll be feeding plenty of fish as the paint wears off over the season.

We are ready for launch. Pretty early for us, and I expect we'll be lucky to get her in by Memorial Day. The list is apparently huge at this point. About the only thing in my favor is the fact that we're pretty close to the working end of the marina, where all the barges get loaded, so maybe we'll be in the way. If they have to move us, maybe they'll just go ahead and launch us. I have some mast work to do, and plenty of work inside. I am fretting over a survey I need for insurance. This will happen tomorrow, and the guy is a real picky ass about everything. He's done many surveys for me, but not on this boat. I'm worried he will find something major, and ask me if I was on drugs when I bought her. Maybe I worry too much.


  1. She's looking great! Good luck with the survey .. I have a feeling it will be just fine!

  2. Thanks! Have fun in the islands!

  3. You worry too much. It will all be fine!!

  4. Worry is my middle name. Explains my hair.