Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Solar Sunfish

My buddy went and bought a Sunfish knockoff a few years ago, from a less than reputable old curmudgeon we both know and, well, love is not quite the word that fits here. We call this knockoff the FrankenStarCloneFish. I'll explain in some other post, as it's a good story. Well, my pal thinks he is going to kick my ass on the water in his abomination, not so much because of a superior craft, but because his superior sailing skills will make the FSCF look like a sled compared to my stock, little old man powered Sunfish. He dreams large.

While looking through posts in my reader, I came across an article on converting a Sunfish to an electric powerboat. This would be a great project for my pal, and his FrankenStarCloneFish, after he loses the season to an old man in a real Sunfish.  Dude, just convert it to a powerboat! Maybe a marine version of the Fuel Cell can be your next big project. Oh, get it measured for canvas.

Read the construction article here.

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  1. Well done...!! Multiple shots in one blog! If the whale zip tied to the bow doesn't work, I can always blame your centerboard (you didn't want that back, did you??). Should be entertaining to say the least, if we don't have to wade thru the bluegreen slime!!
    BTW, I got to thinking about your chainplate... seems now I do recall seeing a little pitting ;o)