Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Survey say's...

Phew. Damn boat is healthier than I am, though we do  have a few things in common, like hardening hoses, wet spots.

Spent all day today, and I mean all damn day, watching a guy tap on my boat with a screw driver handle. When he wasn't telling me stories of nightmare boats, he was scrutinizing every inch of the beast. Turns out, there are only a few items that need attention, and I was going to attend to those items anyway. Relief. Why was I worried? Oh yea, 'cause worry is my middle name, which might explain the blood pressure problem.

I need to replace a few hoses, inspect the chainplates, replace some bulbs, (he was big on lights not working), and add some safety features, like carbon monoxide, and propane detectors. There was one thing I couldn't figure out, and that was on the steering quadrant. The cable coming off the port pulley, did not line up with the quadrant. It was too high. It wasn't that way last year. Odd. There was nothing loose, but yet too high. I duuno. One thing you should always do before a survey is to clean up the boat a bit, because if something was lost, a stranger with a flashlight poking around in all the dark places will likely find it. So, that missing roach clip, or rolled up Victoria's Secret catalog, tube of KY, or pink thong that's being pointed at with a flashlight, might be a tad embarrassing. Not that any of those things mentioned were present on my boat, or that any of those items go together in any way that I would know about. Just saying. Anyway, all he found on our boat was some Canadian coins. We'll never know what happened to the thong.

Overall it was a good experience, and I know this guy is one picky surveyor, and one of the best at what he does, and unless he's mellowed in his old age, I know he would tell me our boat was shit, if it really was. That's why I was so freaked. I thought he was going to tell me I must have been on crack to buy this POS. I might have been a little buzzed when we decided to buy her, but I could still think straight.
He had more stories to tell while I inhaled a squadron of flying gnat like creatures. My choking and gagging didn't stop story time, so I didn't make it home until 6pm. A quick dinner and some cheap beer to wash down the gnats, and I've just about had it.

Tomorrow I go to have some teeth drilled, and then some blood work. Life is good.



  1. And here I thought the lights not working was part of your battery conservation program :)

  2. Glad the survey went well! That's gotta be a great feeling. We've never had Nirvana surveyed, but it would be nice to have someone go through her ... I think! =)

  3. Dear, I would never remove bulbs just to save a few amps ;)

    MLC, A survey may not be a bad idea if you plan on blue water cruising, but it is stressful, and it's not cheap. Our insurance requires it every 5 yrs. Just have to work some extra Walmart hrs in my "retirement".