Monday, May 7, 2012

Another Lap

This weekend we worked (napped) on the boat, and got her ready to sail, sort of. It was kind of a quiet weekend, as in not much talking. Our Daughter Nicole celebrated her birthday Sunday, and we miss not seeing her, especially on her birthday. Deb tends to get quiet when she can't be with her children on these special days, and I guess it affected me too. We do have plans to be in her area real soon, so that should cheer us up a bit, and we do have a wedding in a few weeks, when our oldest Kelly, and her guy Eric tie the knot (hopefully a double bowline). The ladies are in charge of this one, and I'm trying my best to just "show up" in a suit, and party, but my turn to scramble is coming.

In other news, it's my birthday today, and all in all I feel pretty good. Getting the BP under control, and with a few diet changes (I'm gonna miss salt), some exercise, and a lot of luck, I should be good to go for a while.
Back in '86 I tried to get Deb to keep her knees together so that Nicole and I can share a birthday, but that didn't work out so well. That would have been so cool, and I would have named her Paula, because junior would be awkward for a girl.
We kind of look and act alike, and we argue from time to time about stupid stuff, but I think we both would like more time together.  I wish all of us were together again, for a little while anyway.

Another lap around the Sun for Nicole and I.

So, instead of sitting on a mountain top, pondering my existence, I will be working on a grinder that machines microns off a ball seat for a fuel injector, and programming a vision system to inspect welds on a fuel vapor canister. Sound exciting?
Pondering sounds so much better right now.



  1. Happy Birthday old man!

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    1. Thanks you guys!
      We're enjoying your vacation photos. Looks like you had a blast.