Tuesday, May 15, 2012


We have a wedding this weekend. My oldest Daughter is getting married. One of my tasks was to pick up four cases of champagne. Down the road we have a rather large liquor store. It's located in an upscale neighborhood. I bought the bubbly, and they offered to carry them out for me. A young guy with a dolly wheeled the cases over to my vehicle. This being a nice area, I bet he expected an upscale SUV, or wagon. I was dressed nicely, and I was ordering hundreds of dollars worth of champagne.
We arrived at my rusty old Chevy mini-van with the missing side mirror, and I popped the hatch. An empty can of Molson's Lager rolled out, and down the parking lot, and I had to move the half a package of toilet paper out of the way. Pushing the toolbox up, I knocked over the kicked bowl of epoxy with the stick stuck in it, which looked an awful lot like chocolate pudding. The young man broke his stare from the "pudding", and walked away fast. I guess my classy days are over.

By the way, the toilet paper was on it's way to the boat. I don't normally carry that in the van. I have paper towels for those quicker pick 'er upper moments.
I'm talking about spilled coffee.



  1. Have a great time....you're buying

    1. Yea, no kidding. There goes the wind generator.