Thursday, July 26, 2012

Something I better get used to.


I've expressed my fears here before about getting charred in my sleep by a bolt from the heavens. I'm getting better at staying put during these storms, and not fleeing to the clubhouse. When it's really bad, I find myself drawn to the safety of the aft head, a place I believe to be the safest spot on the boat. If it isn't, and I get charred on the hopper, at least I'll go out making a few people laugh. Nothing like a dead guy on the hopper. Sorry Elvis.
Now Deb, she sleeps right though everything. I reminded her she sleeps under the backstay, and any bolt that hits will travel down and try to hit the rudder post under her head. Not a good way to go. She did not give it much thought, and really doesn't care if her head becomes a conduit.  During the recent storm I really wanted to go into the aft head, and take a seat to wait it out, but the damn holding tank I'm putting in is in the way, so I stuck it out in the aft cabin waiting for Deb's head to melt like the guy in the Indiana Jones movie. We survived, and Deb looked refreshed this morning, while I look like a vampire. I think I nodded off a few times, in between flashes, but I am pretty sleepy right now. I will have to shop for a nice cushion to place on the toilet lid. Maybe a backrest too. Wait, we have a bathtub! I could just lay out the cockpit cushion in the tub. Yes!


  1. Lightning is something I haven't experienced ... and don't look forward to! If we only had a tub on the boat!

    1. Hahaha...Don't want you to think it's a large claw foot tub or anything like that. We actually have a fairly stripped down boat, and nowhere near the luxuries of modern cruising boats, but yes we do have a "tub" :)