Friday, September 7, 2012


Check out the webcam while we're still here. Tomorrow you can watch us argue putting the sails up :)

Just kidding. No way we ever argue.

Paul and Debra


  1. Hi,
    So glad to know you made it through all that with no damage. You've had quite an adventure and Jim wasn't even there!! Adventures is Jim's middle name. We always seem to have some when he's there!! LOL
    We'll be watching tomorrow for sure. Heard you stopped in Ilion, sooo did you try the restaurant?
    Hope the rest of your journey is less tramatic!!
    Jim & Barb

  2. Hey Barb! We are having fun, and quite a bit of excitement. It is an adventure for sure. The only bad thing about this trip is the timetable. If we had all the time in the world, the trip would be much different, but don't get me wrong, we are enjoying it. Truth is, we were fine in all the locks except Fed #1, and they were pretty rude and uncaring. They were ready to drop us even though the mast was stuck on top of the wall. I was like a little angry Leprechaun, but I held it in check. All I know is reverse works really well on this boat. Thanks for checking in on us :)