Friday, September 7, 2012

None the less

We've been out here almost a week now, and I may not show it in my writing(?) but it has been really great. Deb and I are having a blast. It's been hard work at times, but still fun. In the midst of all the chaos we still find time to laugh, usually at someone's expense, but laughing none the less. There is always good with the bad, it's a balance, and it's how you handle the bad that counts. When we were sideways in the lock, and the lockmaster was calling us on the radio, and I was spinning the wheel working the throttle, and Deb was desperately trying to push off, we thought, "this really sucks". Less than five minutes later, as we were all set and heading for the bottom, we just smiled. A little smile, but a smile none the less.

Some pictures to come tomorrow, as we think we will be here another day with all the rain coming.

Smiles all around.

Paul and Debra

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  1. "heading for the bottom" may not be the best choice of words in a boat...! Will check out the webcam tomorrow when it is light and Captain Jerry has left. Not sure which, but one or both is making the picture blurry ;o)