Tuesday, September 4, 2012


Is it bad to curse the Lake before you cross it?  Looks like a go at daybreak. We'll get across and move on. Nice little break in Brewerton, though I would not recommend it as a day trip. One thing to note, is that the spiders are smaller here.

Electronics issues abound. We are basically without a chartplotter. Last minute installs proved costly. The Raymarine E7 had the wrong size SD card for the charts, and the Garmin backup also had the wrong card. WTF! This has to be fixed before we hit NY.  There will be many phone calls today to the bastards that shipped the wrong stuff. FedEx will be busy this week.


  1. I had a Scotch Ale at Jack's yesterday in your honor, the beer was crying right on the table since you were gone (may have been condensation but anyway...)

  2. Sorry you are dealing with stuff this early in the game. Hope this issue is resolved quickly for you and you are off and running with no more issues. But then again it wouldn't be an adventure without issues. As long as you both stay safe!
    Smooth sailing buddy.