Monday, September 3, 2012

Goodbye Sodus Point.

I remember back in High school, yes I can remember back that far, I took some "shop" courses. They had auto shop, wood shop, electrical shop. Not sure what others they had. Metal shop would have been cool, as ultimately we would have made swords, or throwing stars, or Led Zeppelin belt buckles, but I eventually took wood and electrical shop, because I thought maybe I wasn't so smart after all, and I needed a skill where I could use my hands to create master works of construction, and be called by a cool nickname, like Buzz, 9 fingers, Shorty, or Stoney. I guess all that training was wasted...

Wood working 101

Got many criticisms on this one

I started getting lazy at this point

This looks good, but wave action makes me pray to the God's
  So, why all the crazy wood art? If you look the the photos closely, you will see we are in a canal. The Oswego Canal. We left Lake Ontario at Oswego, entered the canal, started south, and made a left at the Erie Canal heading East. We are currently sitting in Brewerton NY waiting for the damn little curse of a lake called Oneida to settle down some so we don't get rolled and watch all my woodcrafting snap in two and get dragged to the bottom with our rig. We will sit tight and wait for a weather window, and then update when we get to the next hot spot on our journey.

We have a spot tracker to the right, so you can follow us.

Next post I'll explain a little, very little about our travels. We have two weeks out on the water, one week back to work, then another two weeks before we have to go back to the stress tank.

Enjoy the photos.

Our empty slip. Goodbye killer algae

Slip available

Who will keep the tomatoes alive?

One of the last nights in Sodus Point

The Sun rises on our future

Excellent lake trip. Goodbye Ontario!

Don't look back. Doh!

Creepy lighthouse

Hang on! Oh, and watch your head.


Oswego canal

Taking a break on the Erie Canal

Lock 23

Time for a few beers.
We loved living at Sodus Point. We will miss all our friends, Kate, Frank, Marty, Sandi, Don, Deb, Ed, Linda, Bill, Grace, Mike, Barb, Jim, Barb, Rick, Karen, Bo, Toni, Rick, Linda, Paul, Carol, Charlie, Liz, and all the people we've met in Sailing over the last 20 years. You are all wonderful people and we wish you all the best.

If I missed anyone, forgive me. Been a little out of sorts lately. Oh, goodbye to all the bartenders at Jax! Thanks for making Thursdays special, and specials on Thursday :)


Paul and Debra


  1. Wait a second....Has your plan accelerated?

    1. Maybe a little :)

      The boat is relocating for the winter. Kind of a been there, done that for Ontario. We'll see how this all unfolds. About all I can say at this point.

  2. Your shop teacher and the engineering community as a whole applaud your mast supports! Pretty sure they could have handled 25 kts and 6 footers on Onieda... WCPGW? Hopefully you can hit the road first thing Tuesday.

    Went looking for the tomato plants... I take it you found a good home? didn't...