Sunday, September 9, 2012

Poughkeepsie NY

We actually went past Poughkeepsie, but all the yacht clubs and marinas we called had no room for us, or did not answer. I just wanted to pick up a mooring, but none available, and darkness was setting in. So, we saw this place in Active Captain that was $4/foot, and we laughed when we read it. We spotted the place when we went past, and commented on the numerous powerboats, thought the place looked great. Well, not finding a place, and darkness approaching makes you do stupid things, so I called, and they had a place on the outer dock for us. The dockmaster said they had an acutal slip for us, but looking at the place, it was a tad too tight for me, so we headed for the wall. There were a few really nice boats, and the spot we picked was right next to one. The people saw us coming and were out to protect their valued toy, and I guess I don't blame them the way we looked with all the canal war paint still on her hull.

With lot's of people watching I pulled the best landing in a while, and barely squeezed the fenders. Sweet! Not that we're slobs or anything, but we do not dress up for a day on the water, in slacks and French striped sailing shirts, and out boat is not a Hinkley. So, Deb in her Navy Tee, and me in some Walmart Tee, and swim trunks with old sperry's must of looked really cool to these folks watching football in their cockpit on their 32 inch flat screen, and dressed for cocktails at Tavern on the Green. One guy came over and complimented me on the docking, and turns out he bought his boat in Fairhaven NY, and he's been to Sodus for fishing derby's. Nice guy. I guess we worry for nothing sometimes.
So far so good folks. We stepped the mast at Riverview Marina in Catskill, and it's not a full service marina as far as the mast goes, but we got her done, and without any hassles, so all is well. The owner Mike is a nice guy, and pretty laid back as long as you're straight with him. Expensive in my book, but as we get closer to NYC, all the cost goes up.

And now, the pics...

You should know Debra was the photographer in these, as I was steering for a change. I deleted all the photos of the deck, her hand, thumb, etc. :)

We sailed with Virage for a while

Too big for me

Look out!

Hello up there!



  1. There is a nice mooring field in Nyack on the North-West corner of the Bridge that you can anchor for tonight. Then it's only a few hours to NYC. You can better plan for SLACK tide if you plan on going into the 79th St Marina. Weather looks good for a nice sail to Cape May for next few days..... Glad your doing well....

    1. Al, thanks for the info. I'll check that out on the chart. We were looking at Liberty Landing Marina possibly. Hopefully we'll have a good window for Cape May. Worried about the sea state with those storms spinning off in the Atlantic.

  2. Looks like a beautiful place ... and a great time!

    1. Sounds like great adventures are being had.
      Safe travels to both of you.
      Karin Beachner