Sunday, September 30, 2012


Yes, Swansboro. We are at Caspers Marina. We ghosted to a stop, and were greeted by a friendly assistant. A little pale, but cheerful and eager to help. We checked in, and found out the Bills tanked in the second half to the Brady Bunch, and felt we needed a drink or two. Our friend Rick told us no way on a Sunday in the "South" will we find a place. Ha! The Saltwater Grill was open and had fantastic food and service. We overlooked the water from a second floor deck, and enjoyed a great meal.
Swansboro looked like a nice stop in the future. Caspers Marina is more geared toward fishing vessels, but it's clean and neat, and has good staff. Easy in, easy out. Good stop.

Onward tomorrow. Hopefully our engine burping will not return. I think it's water, but not sure now. Filters look clean, and if I run the lift pump, the problem goes away. Fuel pump problems?? Oy.


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