Thursday, October 4, 2012

Offshore to Charleston

The ICW is starting to get on our nerves, so we're going to bypass the stressful parts, like the rockpile, and possibly all of Ga. Waiting for slack to head out, then overnight to a nice marina for a refuel, then maybe hop out again if the weather is right. Not having autopilot makes this a little tiring, but we'll be careful with shifts. Deb can sleep anytime she wants, and I usually catch a few minutes here and there.

The bridges were a pain in the ass, but manageable. I love it when you are trying to keep distance from the bridge and other boats, and then several powerboat speed in to fill up the space. In Wrightsville, I had to turn around and backtrack to avoid any dirty dancing. The powerboat that squeezed us out took our space at the marina, so that we were at the fueling portion. Pissed me off. Everything was cool after all, and dinners have been great, as well as the service.

Not many photos along the way in this section, as it was too stressful trying to avoid kissing the earth. A cat behind us, who was all over the channel ran hard aground, and had to be towed. A big ass powerboat passing us on starboard, slammed into the earth, with a lot of smoke emanating from the stern. Both boats were OK. I think.
I really wanted a photo of the giant giraffe in the yard of a house near the bridge, but Deb would not get the camera. No time for photos I guess. Then we came across a metal Mermaid, and I really wanted that camera, but the dirty dancing was going on, so I relented. I'm guessing that the one neighbor wanted the ugly giraffe removed, as an eyesore, but the guy refused, so he put up an uglier sculpture just to piss them off.

Found them on another blog.

Mertallica? Metalmaid?

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  1. Glad to see that you're making headway. That IS one ugly mermaid...